Paris a magnificent city, the mythical capital of European culture and
history, a concept in itself, attractive and daunting at the same time. It
is never just one dimension.

The Road Not Taken believes Paris is always a combination of two or more of the following elements:

The physical City itself with its monuments and historical sites, its neighbourhoods, …
The Paris museums: large and small, lesser and better knowns, their permanent collections and their temporary exhibitions, …
The French art of living: culinary hotspots and tasting, the role of fashion, theatre and literature, …
Paris today: its recent architecture, the contemporary art galleries, …

The Road Not Taken is an initiative of Flavia Claes. She will be your companion and help you dialogue and explore Paris and its riches.

What can we do for you?

The Road Not Taken organises guided visits of Paris for individuals, families, groups and professionals. We will help you select a visit and fine-tune it to your specific wishes and needs.

These visits can be for example:

A two hour visit of the highlights of a museum
A half a day exploration of one of the emblematic neighbourhoods of Paris
An afternoon of culinary tasting and food history
A two days overview of Paris visiting a combination of museums, historical sites in and around Paris with a selection of cafés, restaurants and art galleries

Don’t hesitate to contact us to plan your upcoming meeting with Paris!

Who is Flavia Claes?

Flavia is a historian who after 10 years as a professional in PR and event management decided to go back to her first passion: guiding.

She studied and worked in Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, the United Kingdom, United States and China before coming back to the country where her parents first met: France.

She has Belgian and British nationality, speaks 5 languages and is a certified national guide in France (see FNGIC).

Flavia in the media:

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