Contemporary art: Patrick Roger

In Paris, there is good, very good and excellent in the world of hand-made… chocolate. And then there is the exceptional. If you really want to spoil someone Paris style, there is one address that tops them all: chocolatier Patrick Roger.

Why not go for his seasonal chocolates? You know of the traditional chocolates for Christmas and Easter? Well thanks to Patrick Roger, May has its chocolate celebration too. You have to know that for the occasion of the Labour Day in France on the 1th of May (when trade unions organise parades in all major cities to defend workers’ rights), it is customary to offer a lily of the valley to friends and family.  And the chocolate version of this tradition by Patrick Roger is a true work of art: a cup of praliné filling with coloured chocolate leafs.

It comes with a price of course, but if there is anything I have learned about chocolate in Paris, it’s to pay more for less and go for the best. I have never regretted it.

  ©PP2017 for TRNT

For your information, visiting a chocolatier can be integrated in any of my thematic half or full day tours of Paris.

Flavia Claes

And if you want to know more about this original chocolatier, please watch this visit realised by David Lebovitz, the famous Paris-based American foodwriter/blogger, chocolate specialist and baker: