Johan Vermeer

“Few old master painters are as esteemed as Johannes Vermeer. Nearly everyone, it seems, admires the exquisite simplicity and subtle optical appeal of his pictures. Usually focused on a single figure–most often a woman–or a few figures enframed in the corner of a room deftly suffused in light, his paintings epitomize that fantasy of domestic order and tranquility that only the world of canvas and pigment can fully indulge. It has often been noted that Vermeer’s pristine domestic spaces have a still life-quality. Their inhabitants rarely speak, their gestures are few, and they tend to be quietly absorbed in such activities as reading, writing, sleeping, making music, making lace or simply looking. Even music-making appears to be a curiously soundless pleasure in this silent pictorial world.”

Celeste Brusati, about Vermeer, 1993
Professor, History of Art/Women’s Studies/Art & Design
LSA, Internationla Institute
University of Michigan, USA

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Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting